Our values

"By addressing the needs of our soldiers, we were faced with the problem of lengthy delivery times and a mismatch between price and quality. Eventually, we came to the decision that if we couldn't find high-quality ammunition, we would manufacture it ourselves! This idea was born out of the trenches and has become a reality."

Severion Danhadze

“We don't compromise quality - because it's the same as compromising the lives of our defenders.”

Olga Smykovska

UKRTAC products save lives. This has already been proven in practice in the most difficult combat conditions.


About Us


UKRTAC has three main production directions:
- bulletproof vests and military ammunition,
- helmets,
- balistic protection.

Within a month, we produce from 1000 to 5000 body armor vests depending on their modification.
All of our equipment and software were developed by our specialists. This allows us to continuously double our production capacity within a month.

UKRTAC factory


Our production team consists of highly specialized professionals with vast experience in their field. They have been instrumental in implementing our ideas and continue to work towards the development of the company. We place particular emphasis on a robust occupational health and safety system to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees at the workplace. Our experts are always ready to provide assistance and support to their colleagues to ensure efficient and quality work from the team.

Other projects

The charitable foundation UNITED UKRAINIANS helps citizens and military personnel by providing humanitarian, legal, reconstruction, and social assistance. The foundation has received international CSR certification and National certification from the Ministry of Social Policy.


We work every day 24/7.

Mass Media Articles

IDEX 2023

“Just a few steps away, new participants are making their first appearance at this show, including Ukraine, despite the war raging on its territory,” Ahmed Ali Murad, vice provost for research at UAE University, told i24NEWS. “This equipment is produced in secret factories in Kyiv, and is sold to the Ukrainian army, on the front line.”

IDEX-2023 in UAE

The IDEX-2023 arms exhibition has started in the United Arab Emirates, where Ukrainian manufacturers have presented their products.

Report on transfer of UKRTAC armor plates

 Report on the Transfer of UKRTAC Body Armor Plates to Azov Regiment Fighters, December 2022 (through the "POMICH-IN UA" Foundation)